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Who We Are

Know Who We Are

Africa Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (ACEES) is a Not for Profit Organization, registered under the laws of Ghana and Business Registration and Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) of CG014312019 and C0021357781 respectively. With a Mission of enhancing sustainable development in Africa through Energy and a Vision of mitigating climate change by reducing temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius, ACEES considers human activities as the major drivers of both positive and negative economic, social and environmental changes across generations. We are therefore poised at ensuring the needs of the present generation are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. At ACEES, we believe the solution to all human challenges is found within and we harness human potentials in terms of technology and behavior in creating positive change on the environment, society and economy

ACEES is a Not for Profit Organization with its main focus on Energy and the Environment Vis-à-vis the Economy and Society. ACEES is made up of an outstanding team of young academicians, industry experts and players who together work to add value to the already deplorable socio-economic and environmental situations we find ourselves in. We work with the people to develop effective tailor-made solutions, strategies and support them on implementation. We help you to integrate applicable Sustainability Practices to your everyday activities.

ACEES focuses on using SDG7 as the vehicle for the achievement of SDG 1, SDG2, SDG3, SDG4, SDG6, SDG8, SDG9, SDG10, SDG11, SDG12 and SDG13.

At ACEES, we believe the Energy Industry in Africa needs a complete restructuring in order to meet set standards and objectives. This will require efforts at both demand and supply side. By integrating energy efficient and sustainability practices into our day-to-day activities, the challenges with the Ghana Energy Industry will be addressed without necessarily increasing generation capacity which come with a significant drain on the public purse.

wide variety of audiences, including government agencies, senior company officials, management boards, trade associations and the general public.



The role of energy in sustainable development has been ascertained to be very significant. However, energy production and use affect and is affected by our environment, society and ultimately the economy. This assertion has been ascertained by many experts, stakeholders and industry players. The energy industry is rapidly changing and needs the urgency of a dynamic, innovative and sustainable solutions to energy problems. This is why many organizations now push for clean and renewable energy technologies in ensuring emission-free world in the end.

Our dynamic team is interdisciplinary, self-motivated versatile experts brought together to ensure that the best services delivery are brought to our clients. Our primary focus is the provision of sustainable energy services to our clients.

Our extensive expert network enables us to offer a local presence around the globe, with a physical presence in Ghana.

Executive Director


Nurideen Abdulai

Nurideen is an Energy Management Consultant (i.e. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Practices) with expertise in Energy Economics and Oil and Gas E & P activities. He also has expertise in Project Management and Energy Research.

He has been serving as an intermediary consultant with the Skills Development Fund (SDF) since 2014 – a funding body that has ‘Renewable Energy and Agribusiness’ as its main priority areas, with DANIDA and World Bank as Donor partners. He has also served under various capacities as well both in Ghana and the UK. His recent engagements with SDF has streamlined his career path on Energy and has used this opportunity to provide consultancy services for applicants across the business environment including Mechanized agriculture and Energy (Solar energy).

Mr. Abdulai is currently a PhD student in Sustainable Energy Management at the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) Sunyani, with research interest on Wind Energy, Energy Efficiency and Conservation practices. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Oil and Gas Finance and Accounting from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) in the UK with background in Economics from the University of Ghana. With his experience in oil and gas investment, capital budgeting, Energy Management and Conservation practices, he is versatile and adventurous.

Technical Advisory

Engr. Leslie Mantei Donkor: Director

Highly creative and experienced Energy Management Advisory Specialist and consultant with a superb record of client service and cost-effective fiscal management. Adept at directing small and large teams of energy specialists to maximize project success. Very knowledgeable in the areas of energy audits, power generation, transmission and distribution

Leslie is currently a sustainable energy management research student at the University of Energy and Natural Resources with research interest in smart grids (grid modernization) technology for the power distribution institutions in Ghana and holds a Master’s degree in Occupational safety and risk management, a double bachelors in Electrical and electronics and mechanical engineering respectively, HND mechanical engineering, certified energy manager  and many other engineering and data center certifications to his credit.

Experienced design and operations professional of mission critical data centers. Supervise all aspects of operations including the maintenance and repair of equipment and systems supporting a 24×7 data center to achieve 100% uptime. Oversee construction activity and installations. Plan and manage capital and operational facility projects, which includes defining scope of work, establishing performance criteria, monitoring results, while ensuring project is achieved within budgetary constraints. Manage technical and operational incidents, including the implementation of emergency response procedures, resource coordination, customer communication, root-cause analysis and post-event remediation and health and safety professional/consultant.

His has a solid record background of successfully managing operations and projects. Key strengths include new build out commissioning and implementation, crisis management, problem-solving and resolution. His field experience has given him much exposure to actual events within and beyond the shores of Ghana.

Deputy Executive Director

Gideon Ofosu-Peasah

Gideon Ofosu-Peasah serves as Deputy Director at the Africa Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability where he leads in research, training, policy analysis and advocacy on energy, mining and environmental issues.

He also serves as Technical Consultant and Quiz Master for the national energy quiz, Coordinator for the Civil Society working group on Ghana’s first oil block licensing rounds, Expert Panel member on the political economy analysis of Ghana’s extractive sector. So far together with his team, they have been successful in documenting key lessons from Ghana’s first licensing round and have engaged key stakeholders including the Ministry of Energy, Upstream Oil and Gas Chamber and civil society on key findings.

Prior to this he served as steering committee member of the Media Coalition against Illegal Mining and consulted for the Natural Resource Governance Institute as an extractive Media Consultant .He has held positions in nonprofits and the private sector as a Program Manager, Extractive Policy Analyst and Data Analyst and has ten years overall working experience.

He has published two scholarly research papers, one book, four policy papers, ten advocacy articles and over twenty-five (25) news articles in the prestigious Social Science Research Network electronic journal, Business and Financial Times, Daily Graphic, Graphic Business and various online platforms.

Gideon was listed top seven rising energy stars in the 2018 Ghana Energy Awards. He contributes to the national discourse on energy, mining and economics issues on media platforms including Joy News, TV3, Accra Fm and Class FM.

His research and professional interests are in the area of extractive sector governance, local economic and social development in extractives, climate change, development minerals, sustainability, data-driven journalism, energy economics and policy.

Gideon is an Australia Award Scholar. He has received extensive training in natural resource governance at the University of Queensland-Australia, Central European University-Hungary and the University of Energy and Natural Resources. He holds an HND in Statistics, BSc in Statistics, MSc in Energy and Natural Resources Economics and Doctoral Candidate in Sustainable Energy Management. He is President of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana and serves on the University Council.